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The 14th Colony

Thriller von Steve Berry

Shot down over Siberia in what was to be a simple meet-and-greet mission, ex-Justice Department agent Cotton Malone is forced into a fight for survival against Aleksandr Zorin, whose loyalty to the former Soviet Union has festered for decades into an intense hatred of the United States. Before escaping, Malone learns that Zorin is headed for North America to join another long-term sleeper embedded in the West. Armed with a Soviet weapon long thought to be just a myth, Zorin is aided by a shocking secret hidden in the archives of America’s oldest fraternal organization, the Society of Cincinnati.

Steve Berry, geb. 1955 ist einer der ganz großen amerikanischen Thriller-Autoren. “Mr. Berry is an acclaimed writer of historical thrillers who sometimes bends the facts a little to enhance his story. What has always interested me greatly is the last section of each book that he calls „Writer’s Notes“. In this addendum he always specifically explains what is historical fact, what is supposition, and how he may have included various events that were either fabricated by himself or that actually happened in some other context.” (Leser) (1.124 Rezensionen / 4,4 Sterne), 463 Seiten noch günstig?

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