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The Brendan Voyage

Expeditionsbericht von Tim Severin

It has been described as the greatest epic voyage in modern Irish history. Tim Severin and his companions built a boat using only techniques and materials available in the sixth-century A.D, when St Brendan was supposed to have sailed to America. The vessel comprised forty-nine ox hides stitched together in a patchwork and stretched over a wooden frame. This leather skin was only a quarter of an inch thick. Yet Severin and his crew sailed Brendan from Brandon Creek in Dingle to Newfoundland, surviving storms and a puncture from pack ice.

Tim Severin, geboren 1940 ist ein britischer Forschungsreisender, Historiker und Schriftsteller. 1978 ist ‚The Brendan Voyage‘ erschienen, der abenteuerliche Bericht über eine Atlantiküberquerung in einem mittelalterlichen Currach, einem mit Leder bespannten Holzboot. Faszinierende Lektüre für Geschichtsfreunde und jeden, der einen spannenden Abenteuerbericht liebt! “Tim Sevrin, adventurer extraordinare, leads the reader on a dual voyage across the north Atlantic as well as through time to the medieval days of St. Brendan. Could the Irish have been to North America before the Vikings? The author sets out to prove that yes, it was possible.” (Leser) (102 Rezensionen / 4,6 Sterne), 292 Seiten noch günstig?

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