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Kriegsende – ein Buch, das eher komisch als tragisch ist. Der Vater in einer Rauchwolke verschwunden. Soll ein Zauberer eine Hexe retten? Olympiade in Moskau. Eine Frau des Sultans wird ermordet. Amerikanische Jugend in den achtziger Jahren. – Gute englische eBook-Bestseller kostenlos oder sehr, sehr preiswert. Diese eBooks sind oft nur kurze Zeit kostenlos! Bitte beachten Sie unsere FAQ zu den hier präsentierten kostenlosen eBooks.

The Red Hill

Historischer Krimi von David Penny

Moorish Spain, 1482. Englishman and physician Thomas Berrington is an unwilling friend to the Sultan of Granada, the most powerful man in the kingdom of al-Andalus. When bodies start to turn up in the palace, each showing marks of a savage attack, Thomas is asked to investigate. At first reluctant, Thomas is drawn deeper into the investigation when one of the Sultan’s wives is brutally murdered.

David Penny hat als junger Mann Science Fiction geschrieben und auch prompt einen Verlag gefunden. Dennoch hat er später in vielen anderen Berufen gearbeitet und sich dann wieder dem Schreiben zugewandt. – mit historischen Krimis. „This novel is not only a great detective story but also a fabulous smorgasbord of sights, sounds, smells and tastes of fifteenth century life.“ (Rezensentin) (52 Rezensionen / 4,4 Sterne), 381 Seiten – noch gratis?

Derzeit nur: € 1,49

Last Seen Wearing

Krimi von Colin Dexter

Morse was beset by a nagging feeling. Most of his fanciful notions about the Taylor girl had evaporated and he had begun to suspect that further investigation into Valerie’s disappearance would involve little more than sober and tedious routine …The statements before Inspector Morse appeared to confirm the bald, simple truth. After leaving home to return to school, teenager Valerie Taylor had completely vanished, and the trail had gone cold. Until two years, three months and two days after Valerie’s disappearance, somebody decides to supply some surprising new evidence for the case …

Colin Dexter, einer der großen britischen Krimiautoren, ist am 21. März 2017 verstorben. Seine Bücher sind ein persönlicher Tipp von mir für Menschen, die britische Inspektoren mit Ecken und Kanten und ungewöhnlicher Denkweise mögen. “Excellent multi-layered whodunnit” (Guardian) (36 Rezensionen / 4,0 Sterne), 372 Seiten noch günstig?

Derzeit nur: € 1,49

Service of All the Dead

Krimi von Colin Dexter

The sweet countenance of Reason greeted Morse serenely when he woke, and told him that it would be no bad idea to have a quiet look at the problem itself before galloping off to a solution. Chief Inspector Morse was alone among the congregation in suspecting continued unrest in the quiet parish of St Frideswide’s. Most people could still remember the churchwarden’s murder. A few could still recall the murderer’s suicide. Now even the police had closed the case.

Band 4 der Serie, besonders interessant für die, die schon früher den Sammelband von 1-3 gekauft haben. “Wily, convoluted and elegant” (Observer) (54 Rezensionen / 4,3 Sterne), 340 Seiten noch günstig?

The Wench is Dead

Krimi von Colin Dexter

The body of Joanna Franks was found at Duke’s Cut on the Oxford Canal at about 5.30 a.m. on Wednesday, 22nd June 1859. At around 10.15 a.m. on a Saturday morning in 1989 the body of Chief Inspector Morse – though very much alive – was removed to Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital. Treatment for a perforated ulcer was later pronounced successful.

Band 8 der Serie, aber wie alle problemlos solo lesbar. “Morse solves a 130-year-old mystery in delightful style” (Mail on Sunday) (33 Rezensionen / 4,5 Sterne), 260 Seiten noch günstig?

The Way Through the Woods

Krimi von Colin Dexter

They called her the Swedish Maiden – the beautiful young tourist who disappeared on a hot summer’s day somewhere in North Oxford. Twelve months later the case remained unsolved – pending further developments. On holiday in Lyme Regis, Chief Inspector Morse is startled to read a tantalizing article in The Times about the missing woman. An article that lures him back to Wytham Woods near Oxford, and straight into the most extraordinary murder investigation of his career.

Band 10 der Serie! “Morse is a thoroughly convincing detective, and a very humane one, too.” (The New York Times Book Review) (36 Rezensionen / 4,3 Sterne), 337 Seiten noch günstig?

No Holds Barred

Krimi von Michael Allen

One young girl, alone, holds the fate of the West in her hands. In July, 1980, Sally Denning faced impossible odds in the Olympic women’s judo finals in Moscow, with a host country not averse to bribing judges or drugging finalists in order to ensure victory for their own athletes. Devastated by a loss that by all rights should have been a win, and the gold medal, Sally abandons judo — and the terribly handsome, married coach with whom she is in love — for a new life far away from international competition and intrigue.

Michael Allen ist ein langjährig erfolgreicher britischer Autor. Dies ist die Neuauflage eines seiner früheren Werke, erstmals 1989 erschienen. 208 Seiten – noch gratis?

Wizard in a Witchy World Fantasy von Jamie McFarlane
Der zeitgenössische Zauberer Felix Slade weiß genau, dass es sinnlos ist, sich in das Leben von Hexen einzumischen. Aber als die zufällige Begegnung mit einer schönen Hexe, Gabriella, eine Vision ihres Niedergangs in den Händen eines Werwolfs auslöst, weiß er, dass er eingreifen muss. „I like the confusion in Felix’s relationships in his new town, especially in his interactions with the troll.“ (Rezensent) (162 Rezensionen / 4,5 Sterne), 278 Seiten – noch gratis?

The Drogue Fantasy von M.A. Nichols
Jake wird von einem Bombardement ungewöhnlicher Energie rund um ihn gequält und ist sich nicht der Kräfte bewusst, die er besitzt und der Rolle, die er innehat. Verborgen innerhalb der nicht-magischen Welt, wusste er, dass er anders ist, und als sein Vater in einer Rauchwolke verschwindet, findet sich Jake in einen Kampf geworfen, auf den er nicht vorbereitet ist. „This book has twists, turns, and unexpected outcomes. Great read for any age. The characters have depth and interesting back stories.“ (Rezensent) (10 Rezensionen / 4,5 Sterne), 271 Seiten – noch gratis?

Derzeit nur: € 0,99

Jam and Roses

Historischer Roman von Mary Gibson

Three sisters are growing up in 1920s Bermondsey – the larder of London – with its bustling docks, its spice mill, tannery and factories. Southwells jam factory is where many of the girls work. And Milly Colman knows she’s lucky. At Southwells she can have a laugh with her mates. She’s quick and strong and never misses a day’s work. She needs to be. Because at homes things are very different.

Mary Gibson ist in Bermondsey aufgewachsen, einem Londoner Stadtteil am Südufer der Themse, der lange Zeit industriell geprägt war. Dort spielen ihre Romane, die teilweise auf den Erfahrungen ihrer Vorfahren beruhen. “The people in this area in the 1920s had to be as tough as their surroundings and Milly Colman is a fitting heroine for the time and place.” (Leserin) (769 Rezensionen / 4,6 Sterne), 449 Seiten noch günstig?

The Mules of Borgo San Marco

Historischer Roman von W. H. Canaway

Italy. The last days of the war… In the little mountain village of Borgo San Marco, the gallant German Major Trommel and his batman, Private Wohlhaber, continue their occupation despite being the only members of their unit left in residence. For Trommel, desperate to be a hero and forever denied due to the malformation known as a ‘pigeon chest’, the posting is a disappointment. For Wohlhaber, occupying Borgo San Marco means he stays far, far away from any action at the front…and he’s willing to pretend to be an imbecile if it means he can stay.

W. H. Canaway, 1925 – 1988 war ein britischer Autor von historischen Romanen und Romanen mit einem Natur-Hintergrund. „Genuinely Fun“ (Irish Times ), 149 Seiten – noch gratis?

The Eighties Erinnerungen von Tom Harvey
Eine amerikanische Jugend in den achtziger Jahren, zweifelsohne eine wilde Zeit mit vielen Veränderungen. „Harvey loves life. He rightly loves his own life, his own teenage years, those varied sea changes that mark the course of a life. His love infuses these pages — for his mother, his brothers, his friends and most strikingly, his good and natural love for himself. Unlike so many contemporary memoirs that hinge upon the conflict of people in psychological peril who finally have a pique experience that transforms them, Harvey’s book is imbued with a sense of healthy vitality. He doesn’t think back on his 18 year old visage, rocking out with an air guitar, with regret or any bitterness, but speaks of how he loves that guy. This pure feeling is what makes this book worthwhile, and works as a kind of cathartic reliving of a period others of us might not have enjoyed so much. I came away from the book thinking, it’s what you bring to the experience that brings it value — not what external things may do to you.“ (Rezensent) (136 Rezensionen / 4,5 Sterne), 248 Seiten – noch gratis?

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