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The Reavley Series World War One Quintet

Historische Krimis von Anne Perry

1914: No Graves as Yet In the last idyllic summer of 1914, the battle lines are already drawn. But for Joseph Reavley the summer is shattered by his parents‘ deaths in a car accident. 1915: Shoulder the Sky It is April 1915 and the world is in the bloody throes of war. Most civilians have little idea of horrors at the Front, and a young war correspondent wants to publish the truth. But then he is found dead in no-man’s land – and it seems that the Germans are not responsible. 1916: Angels in the Gloom It’s March 1916, and Joseph Reavley is on sick leave, cared for by his sister Hannah. Shanley Corcoran, an old friend, comes to visit. 1917: At Some Disputed Barricade In July 1917, as the sun sets over no-man’s-land, rumours of mutiny grow stronger. After the death of an officer, twelve soldiers are arrested, and it falls to Joseph Reavley to uncover the truth about their involvement. 1918: We Shall not Sleep It’s 1918, and Joseph Reavley’s regiment has suffered huge losses but all hope that peace is near. Then a young nurse is savagely murdered, and Joseph vows to find her killer.

Anne Perry ist vor allem bekannt für ihre langen Serien mit Krimis im viktorianischen England. Diese Bücher sind eine Wanderung in eine ganz andere Zeit, den 1. Weltkrieg, aber auch sehr erfreulich und anerkannt. “This is a superb series. Anne Perry writes about realistic characters set against a graphically described background of WW1 battlefields.” (Rezensent) (11 Rezensionen / 4,9 Sterne) noch günstig?

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