eBook-Tipp: Beyond the Body Farm – Erinnerungen von Dr Bill Bass

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Beyond the Body Farm

Erinnerungen von Dr Bill Bass

Dr Bill Bass‘ work, and in particular his Body Farm, has furthered forensic anthropology and made it possible to prove from the discovery of a skeleton, no matter how much time has elapsed since death, how and when death occurred and to whom the body belonged. His work has been vital for the sake of science and the cause of justice. In this memoir, Jefferson Bass details the most memorable cases from his career, including alibis he has broken, cold cases he has solved – including one from the Ancient world that took him to Iran – and several cases he has been able to revisit throughout his career as new techniques have become possible and scientific discoveries made.

Vor kurzem gab es hier einige der Thriller von Bill Bass, dem Gründer der Body Farm an der Universität von Tennessee. In diesem Buch berichtet er über wahre Fälle, mit denen er in seinem Berufsleben konfrontiert war. “Bill Bass writes in a way that is easy to understand and he explains everything. He includes a glossary of terms and even a few anatomical diagrams.” (Rezensentin) (1 Rezension / 5,0 Sterne), 352 Seiten noch günstig?

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