eBook-Tipp: Cold Hand in Mine – Geistergeschichten von Robert Aickman

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Cold Hand in Mine

Geistergeschichten von Robert Aickman

„Cold Hand in Mine“ stands as one of Aickman’s best collections and contains eight stories that show off his powers as a ’strange story‘ writer to the full, being more ambiguous than standard ghost stories. Throughout the stories the reader is introduced to a variety of characters, from a man who spends the night in a Hospice to a German aristocrat and a woman who sees an image of her own soul. There is also a nod to the conventional vampire story („Pages from a Young Girl’s Journal“) but all the stories remain unconventional and inconclusive, which perhaps makes them all the more startling and intriguing.

Robert Fordyce Aickman (1914 – 1981) war ein britischer Landschaftspfleger und Autor von fiktionalen Büchern und Sachbüchern. Bekannt sind besonders seine ungewöhnlichen und faszinierenden Horror-Erzählungen. “He had the ability to invest the daylight world with all the terrors of the night, and specialised in subverting notions of safety and sunshine into something sinister and unforgiving.” (Independent) (27 Rezensionen / 3,9 Sterne), 368 Seiten noch günstig?

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