eBook-Tipp: King and Maxwell – Thriller von David Baldacci

David Baldacci dürfte einer der erfolgreichsten Thriller-Autoren weltweit sein. In der King and Maxwell Serie sind ehemalige Geheimagenten Privatdetektive. Die Serie ist auch verfilmt worden.

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Split Second

Thriller von David Baldacci

When something distracts Secret Agent Sean King for a split second, it costs him his career and presidential candidate, Clyde Ritter, his life. But what stole his attention? And why was Ritter shot? Eight years later Michelle Maxwell is on the fast track through the ranks of the Secret Service when her career is stopped short: presidential candidate John Bruno is abducted from a funeral home while under her protection. The similarity between the two cases drives Michelle to re-open investigations into the Ritter fiasco and join forces with attractive ex-agent King.

Band 1 der Serie. “Genuinely scary scenes…driven by tense action.” (New York Daily News) (1.746 Rezensionen / 4,4 Sterne), 426 Seiten noch günstig?

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King and Maxwell

Thriller von David Baldacci

King and Maxwell encounter teenager Tyler Wingo when he has just received the tragic news that his soldier father has been killed in Afghanistan. But then Tyler receives an email from his father . . . after his supposed death. Sean and Michelle are hired to solve the mystery, and their investigation leads to deeper, even more troubling questions.

Band 6 der Serie. “David Baldacci carefully threads the line between bringing his readers to know the characters, while interlacing intrigue and some suspenseful twists along the way of an adventurous story line: who lives; who dies; and, why.” (Leser) (3.543 Rezensionen / 4,4 Sterne), 433 Seiten noch günstig?

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