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Hacker For Hire

Thriller von Pendelton Wallace

Goofy, off-beat Ted Higuera, son of Mexican immigrants, is a young computer hacker with an attitude. When he is saved from a brutal beating outside of Seattle’s premier strip club by a beautiful private investigator, Catrina Flaherty, Ted goes to work for her. Para-legal Chris Hardwick was Ted’s college roommate and now is his best friend. Chris’ father is the head of one of Seattle’s most prestigious law firms.

Pendelton Wallace ist sein Leben lang begeistert gesegelt und lebt heute auf einem Segelboot, wo er seine abenteuerlichen Romane schreibt. „I like computer technology. I like a good crime story. I found this novel thoroughly entertaining. It went places I did not expect it to go. I came into this novel, the second in a series, but that does not detract from fully enjoying this tale. You are brought up to date with some background information throughout the story.“ (Leser) (267 Rezensionen / 4,1 Sterne), 484 Seiten – noch gratis?
Band 1 der Serie ist langfristig kostenlos:
The Inside Passage Thriller von Pendelton Wallace
(324 Rezensionen / 4,2 Sterne), 542 Seiten – noch gratis?

Derzeit nur: € 0,99

Elly Griffiths ist eine britische Krimiautorin. Mit ihrer Heldin Ruth Galloway, einer forensischen Archäologin hat sie eine sehr interessante Figur geschaffen.

The Outcast Dead

Krimi von Elly Griffiths

Ruth has excavated a body from the grounds of Norwich Castle, which was once a prison. The body may be that of Victorian murderess Jemima Green. Called Mother Hook for her claw-like hand, Jemima was hanged for the murder of five children. DCI Harry Nelson has no time for long-ago killers. Investigating the case of three infants found dead, one after the other, in their King’s Lynn home, he’s convinced that their mother is responsible.

Band 6 der Serie. “The book links Nelson’s investigation into a dead child with Ruth’s discovery of the body of a notorious child killer from the past. The two enquiries are not linked but they shadow each other throughout the book as the author uses the parallel plots to examine issues around children, adultery, childcare and working mothers.” (Leserin) (330 Rezensionen / 4,6 Sterne), 385 Seiten noch günstig?

Hollywood Notorious

Thriller von M.Z. Kelly

Kate and her homicide partner Leo Kingsley are in pursuit of a reality TV star wanted for murder when their case takes a strange turn. They quickly realize that a deranged psychopath known as the Reaper is loose on the streets of Hollywood, leaving victims that are posed in bizarre death rituals. Kate and Leo eventually team with FBI agent Joe Dawson to track the killer, but the case takes on added dimensions when they realize the crimes could be linked to a past series of violent murders.

M.Z. Kelly hat über dreißig Jahre lang in verschiedenen Positionen in der Strafverfolgung gearbeitet, das kommt heute seinen Thrillern zugute. „What a great read. The way the book played out was full of action, suspense, twists and turns that we’re surprising and some pretty creative scenarios.“ (Leser) (51 Rezensionen / 4,6 Sterne), 284 Seiten – noch gratis?

Buried Krimi von C. J. Carmichael
In der Küstenstadt Twisted Cedars in Oregon hat ein hässliches Geheimnis aus der Vergangenheit über 30 Jahre vor sich hin gegärt, als fünf Mitarbeiter der Bibliothek von einem Serienmörder angegriffen werden. Jetzt will ein anonymer Verfasser von Emails, dass der Autor von wahrer Kriminalität, Douglas Lachlan, die Geschichte erzählt. „It has everything I like in a good mystery novel: the atmospheres you can easily feel and step into the story, the characters with you can identify with, thrilling story development, good rhythm and plot twist in right places. And it includes libraries and librarians, which I’m very fond of.“ (Leserin) (884 Rezensionen / 4,4 Sterne), 254 Seiten – noch gratis?

Kill Girl Krimi von Jill M Beene
Elayna Miller bringt Menschen für ihren Lebensunterhalt um, aber nur, wenn sie es wirklich verdienen… Sie war einst eine der begabtesten Agenten der CIA und hat sich aus ihren eigenen moralischen Gründen verabschiedet. „The idea of a morally conscious „hitman“ is incredibly gratifying. Not only is justice served, but the murders are always different and interesting.“ (Leserin) (54 Rezensionen / 4,9 Sterne), 453 Seiten – noch gratis?
Der nächste Band ist auch gratis:
Fury Girl Krimi von Jill M Beene
(16 Rezensionen / 5,0 Sterne), 471 Seiten – noch gratis?

David Baldacci dürfte einer der erfolgreichsten Thriller-Autoren weltweit sein. In der King and Maxwell Serie sind ehemalige Geheimagenten Privatdetektive. Die Serie ist auch verfilmt worden.

Derzeit nur: € 0,76

Split Second

Thriller von David Baldacci

When something distracts Secret Agent Sean King for a split second, it costs him his career and presidential candidate, Clyde Ritter, his life. But what stole his attention? And why was Ritter shot? Eight years later Michelle Maxwell is on the fast track through the ranks of the Secret Service when her career is stopped short: presidential candidate John Bruno is abducted from a funeral home while under her protection. The similarity between the two cases drives Michelle to re-open investigations into the Ritter fiasco and join forces with attractive ex-agent King.

Band 1 der Serie. “Genuinely scary scenes…driven by tense action.” (New York Daily News) (1.746 Rezensionen / 4,4 Sterne), 426 Seiten noch günstig?

Derzeit nur: € 0,99

King and Maxwell

Thriller von David Baldacci

King and Maxwell encounter teenager Tyler Wingo when he has just received the tragic news that his soldier father has been killed in Afghanistan. But then Tyler receives an email from his father . . . after his supposed death. Sean and Michelle are hired to solve the mystery, and their investigation leads to deeper, even more troubling questions.

Band 6 der Serie. “David Baldacci carefully threads the line between bringing his readers to know the characters, while interlacing intrigue and some suspenseful twists along the way of an adventurous story line: who lives; who dies; and, why.” (Leser) (3.543 Rezensionen / 4,4 Sterne), 433 Seiten noch günstig?

Secrets and Pies Cozy Krimi von Jenny Kales
Sommer in Crystal Bay bedeutet die touristische Saison für Calliope “Callie” Costas, die ein griechisches Restaurant betreibt, das dass die griechische Küche mit der lokalen Küche vereint. Das Geschäft blüht, aber auch der Streß. „Callie bakes up so many amazing treats in her kitchen that you’ll drool while reading. Ms. Kales provides several mouthwatering recipes that you will definitely want to try out!“ (Leserin) (7 Rezensionen / 4,8 Sterne), 254 Seiten – noch gratis?

Hier geht es zum Tagesartikel von Sonntag, dem 19.11.2017

A Murder on Long Island

Krimi von Owen Parr

Former NYPD Detective, Giuseppe “Joey” Mancuso, and his half-brother, Father Dominic O’Brian have ten days before the end of the trial, to find the real murderer. Real Estate developer, Harold Longworth, is facing life in prison for the murder of his wife in the Sagaponack, Long Island, New York, home. Just hired by the defense attorneys, Joey realizes that for a whole year before the trial, the attorneys have bundled the investigation. Was it on purpose? Are the attorneys covering something up? The day of the murder, a year ago, Suffolk PD homicide detectives, found Mr. Longworth, alone in the home, sitting by his wife’s body after he called 9-1-1.

Owen Parr hat lange Karrieren als Ingenieur, Immobilienmakler und Finanzberater hinter sich und setzt die Erfahrungen heute in Krimis und Thriller um. „And just when you have it easily figured out, the author, Owen Parr, rips the solution out from under you and sends you tumbling with Joey down another exciting, rubble-strewn path. This book has it all. “ (Leser) (13 Rezensionen / 4,7 Sterne), 358 Seiten – noch gratis?

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