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Eine Welt der unsicheren Mischung von Magie und Technologie. Vermählung von Fantasy und Geschichte. Einfach nur Drinks mit Rum durchtesten. Verloren in Neuseeland. Der verschwundene Mann, seine verlogene Frau. Ein Jahr in Asien.  – Gute englische eBook-Bestseller kostenlos oder sehr, sehr preiswert. Diese eBooks sind oft nur kurze Zeit kostenlos! Bitte beachten Sie unsere FAQ zu den hier präsentierten kostenlosen eBooks.

Death Hampton

Krimi von Walter Marks

Burnt out after years of working violent cases in East Harlem, Detective Neil Jericho transfers to peaceful East Hampton. But after the mysterious disappearance of a wealthy real estate developer, Jericho is caught in a web of intrigue and lies centering around Susannah Cascadden, the missing man’s beautiful wife.

Walter Marks ist ein amerikanischer Romanautor, Verfasser von Bühnenstücken, Drehbüchern und Songs. „The descriptions, characters and scenery are very vivid, I love how he described his subjects,,,, clearly seen through my mind’s eye, not to mention the plot which is unique to say the least.. the ending blew me away, something I couldn’t imagine in 1 million years….. Congratulations to the author….. “ (Leser) (25 Rezensionen / 4,2 Sterne), 306 Seiten – noch gratis?

Åsa Larsson (* 28. Juni 1966 in Uppsala) ist eine schwedische Schriftstellerin. Åsa Larsson wuchs in Kiruna, der nördlichst gelegenen Stadt Schwedens, auf. Die Kriminalromane Åsa Larssons spielen in Kiruna und sind teilweise in der Biografie der Autorin verwurzelt.

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The Black Path

Thriller von Åsa Larsson

A woman’s body is found on a frozen lake, bearing the marks of grisly torture. Inspector Anna-Maria Mella knows she needs help with the case – the woman was a key player in a mining company whose tentacles reach across the globe. Lawyer Rebecka Martinsson is desperate to get back to work, to feel alive again after a case that almost destroyed her both physically and emotionally. Soon she is delving into the affairs of the victim’s boss, the founder of Kallis Mining, whose relationship with the dead woman was complex and obsessive.

Band 3 der Serie. “A superior example of Scandinavian noir” (Sunday Telegraph) (85 Rezensionen / 4,1 Sterne), 400 Seiten noch günstig?

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Until Thy Wrath Be Past

Thriller von Åsa Larsson

In the first thaw of spring the body of a young woman surfaces in the River Torne in the far north of Sweden. Rebecka Martinsson is working as a prosecutor in nearby Kiruna, her sleep troubled by visions of a shadowy, accusing figure. Could the body belong to the girl in her dream? Joining forces with Police Inspector Anna-Maria Mella, Martinsson will need all her courage to face a killer who will kill again to keep the past buried under half a century of silent ice and snow.

Band 4 der Serie. „Larsson’s laid back style makes her unflinching probing of icy depths of the human heart all the more chilling“ (The Telegraph) (81 Rezensionen / 4,4 Sterne), 337 Seiten noch günstig?

Derzeit nur: € 0,99

The Second Deadly Sin

Thriller von Åsa Larsson

Dawn breaks in a forest in northern Sweden. Villagers gather to dispatch a rampaging bear. When the beast is brought to ground they are horrified to find the remains of a human hand inside its stomach. In nearby Kiruna a woman is found murdered in her bed, her body a patchwork of vicious wounds, the word WHORE scrawled across the wall. Her grandson Marcus, already an orphan, is nowhere to be seen.

Band 5 der Serie. „The writing is of the highest quality. The confrontations with the bear are electrifying.“ (Belfast Telegraph) (90 Rezensionen / 4,3 Sterne), 400 Seiten noch günstig?

Not the Faintest Trace

Historischer Krimi von Wendy M. Wilson

Sergeant Frank Hardy, late of Her Majesty’s 57th Regiment of Foot; he’s seen combat in India and the Crimea, and he’s bored with life New Zealand now the wars are over. When he’s asked to find two missing Scandinavian boys he accepts. Better than driving a coach back and forth through the perilous Manawatu Gorge, and playing rigged card games with clueless Armed Constables.

Wendy M. Wilson ist eine Neuseeländerin, die Krimis und Thriller verfasst, die im 19. Jahrhundert in ihrem Heimatland spielen. „This novel sheds light on a little known time in the history of NZ, revealing the tensions between the people that lived in this rugged country at the time, the Danish settlers, Maoris and the British soldiers.“ (Leser) (3 Rezensionen / 4,6 Sterne), 292 Seiten – noch gratis?

Rum and Revenge Krimi von Andrew Culver
Der hauptsächliche Ehrgeiz von Aristotle ist es, seine Tage als Detektiv zurückzulassen – er will sich entspannen und die nautische Bar am Seeufer genießen, die Galley mit einer riesigen Anzahl von Drinks mit Rum. Er will seine Familiengeschichte untersuchen, inneren Frieden finden … alles so etwas. „Come on Aristotle, you can’t quit now, just when you’ve gotten the hang of this murder thing. Sure you love to hang out and drink your favorite tiki mixes, who doesn’t? Without your books, how can I live your colorful life without leaving home?“ (Leserin) (9 Rezensionen / 4,1 Sterne), 160 Seiten – noch gratis?

Jack Stryder and the Lost Library of Alexandria Historische Fantasy von Mitchell Granger
Die unbekümmerten Eskapaden von Jack Stryer, die durch geistige Wendigkeit, Intelligenz und ein wenig Keckheit eingeleitet worden sind, werden Sie wieder zum Vergnügen historischer Romane führen. „Fun read and great adventure! Cool getting to explore historical events from such a unique perspective.“ (Leser) (29 Rezensionen / 4,8 Sterne), 470 Seiten – noch gratis?

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Alternativgeschichte von Tom Newton

In the summer of 1940, Franz Leis, a film technician, sets out to drive from Berlin to Paris. He is working on the epic film directed by Adolf Hitler, which is later to become known as The Second World War. In the course of his journey, he discovers that he is subject to more than one reality and his sense of certainty falls away. His destination is not what he imagined it to be. Moving from Berlin in 1940 to Crete in 1945, this surreal story explores the nature of reality among the fractured monoliths of war and history.

Tom Newton lebt gemeinsam mit seiner Frau und seiner Tochter auf einem Berg in Woodstock, New York. Er interessiert sich für Psychologie, Kunst, Musik, Wissenschaft, Mythologie, Geschichte und die Bedeutungslosigkeit. “I absolutely loved this strange, hallucinatory story which, though grounded in a superb logic all its own, is also delightfully off its bearings at times.” (Leser) (7 Rezensionen / 4,8 Sterne), 128 Seiten noch günstig?

The Man From U.N.D.E.A.D.

Witzige Fantasy von Darren Humphries

The United Nations Department for the Enforcement and Apprehension of Demons is the first, last and only line of defence against the supernatural threats trying to break into a world where magic and technology are uneasy bedfellows. Agent Ward is an agent of U.N.D.E.A.D. and he has just been given the case of a lifetime.

Der Engländer Darren Humphries ist leider viel zu früh verwitwet und deshalb alleinerziehender Vater. Aber wenn er Zeit hat, schreibt er Fantasy und SciFi voller Humor! „This is silly, sci-fi/fantasy crime fighting at it’s best. Very funny, very random and very enjoyable.“ (Leser) (46 Rezensionen / 4,1 Sterne), 169 Seiten – noch gratis?

Off the Beaten Track Erinnerungen von Frank Kusy
Frank Kusy ist ein britischer Autor, der wirklich witzige Bücher schreibt. Ein Teil sind Reiseberichte über Indien, ein anderer Teil über Katzen. 1989 war er ein Jahr lang nicht nur in Indien, sondern im südöstlichen Asien unterwegs. Ein verrücktes Jahr …. „Off the Beaten Track: My Crazy Year in Asia is an alternative travelogue of Asia, showing us around South East Asia and a bit of India that we cannot find in convenient guidebooks. It is full of fun and adventures, which itself is enjoyable to read, but behind hilarious stories of eating exotic small creatures and getting arrested for illegally crossing national borders (by a bad joke!), hidden also is a “coming of age” journey of a thirty-something author.“ (Rezensent) (64 Rezensionen / 4,1 Sterne), 205 Seiten –

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