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The 25th Hour

Thriller von David Benioff

Monty Brogan is about to start his last day of freedom before turning himself into the authorities and serving a seven-year term for drug dealing. He’s a charming young man who had always dreamed of being a fireman, following in the working-class footsteps of his father, who has had to put up his bar in Queens as bond so that his son can stay out of jail until his sentence begins. Monty, named for Montgomery Clift, does not know how he managed to get himself into this predicament. It was easy money and it carried so many perks, and you’ll feel more than a little sympathy for this young man who has managed to kill his own dream for courtside seats at Madison Square Garden.

David Benioff (* 25. September 1970 in New York City als David Friedman) ist ein US-amerikanischer Schriftsteller, Drehbuchautor und Filmproduzent. “Simply an extraordinary novel – moody, atmospheric, and poignant – so far off the beaten track, so unconventional in the story, that only author David Benioff’s brilliantly rendered New York’s clubs and bars and playgrounds and bodegas gap familiarity between „The 25th Hour“ and anything else you’ve read.” (Leser) (130 Rezensionen / 4,0 Sterne), 292 Seiten noch günstig?

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