eBook-Tipp: Running with the Bulls – Biografie von Valerie Hemingway

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Running with the Bulls

Biografie von Valerie Hemingway

A chance encounter in Spain in 1959 brought young Irish reporter Valerie Danby-Smith face to face with Ernest Hemingway. The interview was awkward and brief, but before it ended something had clicked into place. For the next two years, Valerie devoted her life to Hemingway and his wife, Mary, traveling with them through beloved old haunts in Spain and France and living with them during the tumultuous final months in Cuba. In name a personal secretary, but in reality a confidante and sharer of the great man’s secrets and sorrows, Valerie literally came of age in the company of one of the greatest literary lions of the twentieth century.

Valerie Hemingway (* 1940 als Valerie Danby-Smith in Dublin, Irland) war 1959/1960 Sekretärin des Schriftstellers Ernest Hemingway. 1967 heiratete sie seinen Sohn Gregory Hemingway. „It is one of the best books on Hemingway that I have read, and it has material to be found nowhere else on Ernest, Mary, and Greg Hemingway.“ (NORMAN MAILER) (62 Rezensionen / 4,2 Sterne), 368 Seiten noch günstig?

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