eBook-Tipp: The Great Soul of Siberia – Biografie/Sachbuch von Sooyong Park

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The Great Soul of Siberia

Biografie/Sachbuch von Sooyong Park

There are five races of tiger on our planet and all but one live in tropical regions: the Siberian Tiger Panthera tigris altaica is the exception. Mysterious and elusive, and with only 350 remaining in the wild, the Siberian tiger remains a complete enigma. One man has set out to change this. Sooyong Park has spent twenty years tracking and observing these elusive tigers. Each year he spends six months braving sub-zero temperatures, buried in grave-like underground bunkers, fearlessly immersing himself in the lives of Siberian tigers.

Sooyong Park stammt aus Südkorea. Er ist ein Naturforscher und Dokumentarfilmer. Zwanzig Jahre lang hat er die sibirischen Tiger wieder und wieder beobachtet, gefilmt und schließlich dieses Buch geschrieben. “I’d hasten to add that this book is a must-read for the wildlife enthusiast/aspiring conservationist/natural history lover, but that would not entirely be true; in fact, I think it’s a book for everyone to read. It’s emotional, informative, unsentimental and uncompromisingly candid.” (Leser) (19 Rezensionen / 4,9 Sterne), 292 Seiten noch günstig?

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