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David Robert Ignatius (* 26. Mai 1950 in Cambridge, Massachusetts) ist ein US-amerikanischer Journalist und Autor. Er ist Redakteur und Kolumnist der Washington Post sowie Buchautor.

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Agents of Innocence

Thriller von David Ignatius

Beirut 1969. In a city where lies are common currency and betrayal is a way of life, CIA operative Tom Rogers and Jamal Ramlawi, a high-ranking PLO terrorist, embark on a relationship that is fraught with ambiguity and danger.

Sein erster Thriller und sein erster großer Erfolg. “An uncommonly informative and intriguing espionage thriller.” (Time) (192 Rezensionen / 4,3 Sterne), 452 Seiten noch günstig?

The Increment

Thriller von David Ignatius

An anonymous email arrives via the CIA’s website: someone on the inside of Iran’s nuclear program is apparently ready to talk. Harry Pappas, head of the Agency’s Iran desk, knows that if the contact is real, he’s looking at the intelligence coup of the decade. But the unconfirmed information his informant brings starts a clock ticking in Washington: the government hawks want to use it to justify a pre-emptive strike against Iran.Harry lost a son in Iraq, and has no desire to start another war on incomplete intelligence.

Sein siebter Thriller. “Mr. Ignatius is one of those rare writers who understands the gestalt of the intelligence community―gets its culture and its modus vivendi spot on.” (John Weisman, Washington Times) (118 Rezensionen / 4,2 Sterne), 401 Seiten noch günstig?

The Director

Thriller von David Ignatius

A MAN WITH SOMETHING TO CHANGE. Graham Weber, the new director of the CIA, is tasked with revolutionising an agency in crisis. Never intimidated by a challenge, Weber intends to do just that. A HACKER WITH SOMETHING TO EXPOSE. Weber’s task greatens when a young computer genius approaches the CIA with proof their systems have been compromised. There is a breach. There is a mole. A WOMAN WITH SOMETHING TO PROVE. The agent who takes this walk-in is K. J. Sandoval – a frustrated yet ambitious base chief desperate to prove her worth to the agency and its new director.

Sein neunter Thriller. „This one requires close reading because of the detail involved in a novel involving digital conspiracy and treason, and different levels of national values by the principals. Thus, it may be slower reading than most thriller readers are looking for, but this is a complex novel, with carefully drawn characters, and details that produce a compelling read. This is a brilliant display of the ability of Ignatius to gather a huge amount of digital information, the complexities of national spycraft, a tight photograph of the most important characters and their interplay on an international stage.” (Leser) (458 Rezensionen / 3,7 Sterne), 384 Seiten noch günstig?

The Quantum Spy

Thriller von David Ignatius

A top-secret quantum research lab is compromised by a suspected Chinese informant. CIA officer Harris Chang leads the mole hunt, pursuing his target from the towering cityscape of Singapore to the mountains of Mexico and beyond. The investigation is obsessive, destructive, and uncertain… In order to win, Chang must question everything he knows.

Sein zehnter und neuester Thriller. „Unputdownable, riveting, enthralling — I could go on and on. I admire David’s weaving of contemporary affairs, history and an imagined future into his thrillers. His characters have an edge to them; his narrative flows smoothly.” (Leser) (174 Rezensionen / 4,1 Sterne), 575 Seiten noch günstig?

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