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Umziehen, als der Vater gestorben ist. Mitsamt Hund einfach weg vom Planeten! Freiheit nach einem Feuer. Kaum angekommen, schon unter Mordverdacht. Mord im neuen Musicalzentrum. Hoch auf den Kilimandscharo! – Gute englische eBook-Bestseller kostenlos oder sehr, sehr preiswert. Diese eBooks sind oft nur kurze Zeit kostenlos! Bitte beachten Sie unsere FAQ zu den hier präsentierten kostenlosen eBooks.

The Second Strain

Krimi von John Burke

Involved in plans to establish the Borders town of Kilstane as a music festival centre, Sir Nicholas Torrance faces problems when a corpse is found in the main concert venue. Sent to his aid is Detective Inspector Lesley Gunn, who is still emotionally bruised from their last encounter. She becomes enmeshed not just in a murder investigation but in musical puzzles taxing all her powers of deduction. An eccentric composer dominates the proceedings, but investigation shows that he himself is dominated by the ghost of an old rival.

John Burke, 1922 – 2011, war ein britischer Autor von Romanen und Kurzgeschichten. Viele seiner Werke waren Romanfassungen bekannter Filme, andere, wie dieses, eigenständige Werke. 242 Seiten – noch gratis?

Weiter geht es mit günstigen Ausgaben der Harry-Bosch-Romane.

Derzeit nur: € 0,99

The Drop

Thriller von Michael Connelly

Is it the end of the line for Harry Bosch? When evidence links a brutal murder in 1989 to a convicted rapist named Clayton Pell, the case should be watertight. Pell’s DNA was found on the victim – but he was only eight years old at the time. This is not the only mystery Harry Bosch has to solve. A man jumped – or was pushed – from a window. The victim’s father is Councilman Irving, who’s been intent on destroying Harry’s career for years. Now Irving wants Harry to head up the investigation.

Band 17 der Serie. “The two investigations which make up this novel work superbly together and Bosch’s relationships with his his partner and his „superiors“ at City Hall, his tender moments with his teenage daughter and his efforts in pursuing a new romantic interest against a potent Los Angeles background, all gel beautifully in this first rate crime thriller.” (Rezensent) (1.546 Rezensionen / 4,5 Sterne), 401 Seiten noch günstig?

Derzeit nur: € 0,99

The Black Box

Thriller von Michael Connelly

The shooting of a Chinese liquor store owner in LA brings Harry Bosch back to the Rodney King riots and the moment a stranger gave a young cop sanctuary. Now the debt must be repaid, and Harry soon discovers the old man’s death was no ordinary hold-up. Homing in on clues disregarded by the cops on the scene, Harry builds a picture of corruption and intimidation, with the local triads at the heart of it. But as he tries to build a case and breach the impenetrable wall of silence in the local community, he finds he is taking a dragon by the tail – a dragon whose talons reach well beyond LA, and even the States.

Band 18 der Serie. “Plot demonstrates why Harry is such a good detective by not following the logical path but to keep an open mind and to pursue every thread toward solving a mystery most investigators had been willing to assume was a clear cut case of her being killed by a rioter.” (Leser) (3.295 Rezensionen / 4,4 Sterne), 413 Seiten noch günstig?

All-Butter ShortDead

Cozy Krimi-Novelle von H.Y. Hanna

Gemma ditches her high-flying job and returns to Oxford to follow her dream: opening a traditional English tearoom serving warm buttery scones with jam and clotted cream… Only problem is–murder is the first thing on the menu and Gemma is the key suspect! And the only people Gemma can turn to for help are four nosy old ladies from her local Cotswolds village – not to mention a cheeky little tabby cat named Muesli.

H.Y. Hanna ist eine Engländerin, die jetzt in Australien lebt – und eine der erfolgreichsten Autorinnen von Cozy Krimis überhaupt. „Great character development, a well written mystery, and laugh-out-loud humor. What more could you ask for.“ (Leserin) (323 Rezensionen / 4,3 Sterne), 204 Seiten – noch gratis?

Ismark: The Marked Boy Fantasy von JH Lillevik
Im Fantasy-Land Ismark wird das Leben des Sklavenkindes Eirick durch einen Großbrand in seinem Sklavenlager in Chaos und Abenteuer geworfen. So beginnt die Reise, bei der wir Eirick begleiten, während er neue Orte und sich bekämpfende Kulturen auskundschaftet. „The world building is intriguing. Various nations struggle against the might of the Sorian Empire, in its determination to subjugate the rest of the world through military or economic might. The Sorian’s reminded me of many historical and fictional archetypes, most notably Rome, or ancient China.“ (Leser) (5 Rezensionen / 4,1 Sterne), 234 Seiten – noch gratis?

Nona: The Only – Road to Mecha SciFi/Fantasy von Shel Stephens
Eine alte Rasse hat in der Mitte des Höhlenplaneten Bonitatem Geodes seit Jahrtausenden gelebt und in Harmonie miteinander und ihrer Umwelt existiert. Alle von ihnen, bis auf eine. Die elfjährige Nona Nonanius hat immer gewusst, dass sie nicht nach Geodes gehört hat und als sich die Feier des Tags des Satyrs nähert, werden sie und ihr Hund Aarkos vom Planeten wegreisen. „Stephens creates a world like you’ve never seen with wonderful characters that each have a unique story.“ (Leser) (6 Rezensionen / 4,8 Sterne), 432 Seiten – noch gratis?

Derzeit nur: € 1,99

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay

Satirischer Roman von Michael Chabon

One night in 1939, Josef Kavalier shuffles into his cousin Sam Clay’s cramped New York bedroom, his nerve-racking escape from Prague finally achieved. Little does he realise that this is the beginning of an extraordinary friendship and even more fruitful business partnership. Together, they create a comic strip called ‘The Escapist’, its superhero a Nazi-busting saviour who liberates the oppressed around the world.

Michael Chabon (* 24. Mai 1963 in Washington, D.C.) ist ein amerikanischer Schriftsteller und Drehbuchautor. Für seinen Roman Die unglaublichen Abenteuer von Kavalier und Clay erhielt er 2001 den Pulitzer-Preis in der Kategorie „Fiktion“. „Dazzling. Chabon has not so much attempted the great American novel as brought to life the idea that it had already been written – week by week, in the humble heroism of the comic book.“ (Independent) (1.161 Rezensionen / 4,2 Sterne), 658 Seiten noch günstig?

Pepperman’s Promise

Literarischer Roman von Bill Briscoe

In 1966, Jim Pepperman comes home from practice to the news that his dad has died in an oil rig accident. Not only has the high school football star lost his mentor and best friend, but when his mom moves the family from Texas to New Jersey, he’s forced to say goodbye to his home, his team, and his chance for a football scholarship. Facing senior year in a new school with no friends, Jim struggles to keep the promise he made after his dad died to be a substitute father for his two younger sisters and a shoulder for his mom.

Bill Briscoe ist ein amerikanischer Sportfan, weswegen sein Held ein Fußballspieler ist. Aber keine Sorge, auch wenn man daran nicht besonders interessiert ist, sind seine Bücher einfach spannend. “I enjoyed reading your book so much! Everytime I had to set it down I was anxious to get back to it to find out what happened next! I am not a football fan but the story was intriguing.” (Leserin) (55 Rezensionen / 4,8 Sterne), 326 Seiten – noch gratis?

Solo to Seven Erinnerungen von Shirley Dehm Tharp
Die Amerikanerin Shirley Dehm Tharp war schon viel in North Carolina gewandert, als sie sich entschlossen hat, nach Afrika zu reisen. Dort hat sie vieles erlebt, auch schon bevor sie sich alleine auf den harten Weg auf den Kilimandscharo gemacht hat. „As I read, I felt like I was on the journey to Africa too. I could read this book over and over again and still feel the ache of each step up the mountain and joy at the summit with each page turned.“ (Leser) (3 Rezensionen / 5,0 Sterne), 140 Seiten noch gratis?

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