eBook-Tipp: Klassische englische Krimis von der British Library

Die British Library, eine der bekanntesten und umfangreichsten Bibliotheken der Welt, veröffentlicht „British Crime Classics“, Krimis aus der Blütezeit der britischen Kriminalliteratur.

Derzeit nur: € 0,99

Somebody at The Door

Krimi von Raymond Postgate

In the winter of 1942, England lies cold and dark in the wartime blackout. One bleak evening, Councillor Grayling steps off the 6.12 from Euston, carrying GBP120 in cash, and oblivious to the fate that awaits him in the snow-covered suburbs. Inspector Holly draws up a list of Grayling’s fellow passengers: his distrusted employee Charles Evetts, the charming Hugh Rolandson, and an unknown refugee from Nazi Germany, among others. Inspector Holly will soon discover that each passenger harbours their own dark secrets, and that the councillor had more than one enemy among them.

Raymond Postgate, 1896 – 1971, war ein britischer Journalist, Sozialist und Autor. “I actually found this a really interesting and intriguing book. The plot is almost secondary to the almost short story approach to each character, which reveals more than strictly necessary to potential involvement in the murder. Consequently this is not a mystery to read quickly because of the plot and the need to find the guilty person; I found each character’s story well written and providing a fascinating insight into everyday life in wartime.” (Leser) (24 Rezensionen / 3,9 Sterne), 233 Seiten noch günstig?

Seven Dead

Krimi von J. Jefferson Fairjeon

Ted Lyte, amateur thief, has chosen an isolated house by the coast for his first robbery. But Haven House is no ordinary country home. While hunting for silverware to steal, Ted stumbles upon a locked room containing seven dead bodies. Detective Inspector Kendall takes on the case with the help of passing yachtsman Thomas Hazeldean. The search for the house’s absent owners brings Hazeldean across the Channel to Boulogne, where he finds more than one motive to stay and investigate.

Joseph Jefferson Farjeon, 1883 – 1955 war ein britischer Krimiautor und Verfasser von Theaterstücken und Drehbüchern und Mitglied einer sehr aktiven Autorenfamilie. “After an excellent introduction from Martin Edwards, the reader is taken to a wonderfully realised land/seascape and drawn in to a fast moving tale. The scene with the bodies is all the more chilling for being described briefly …so much left to the imagination. The potentially tricky relationship between reporter and police is skilfully managed with no ‚amateur bungling‘.” (Leser) (20 Rezensionen / 3,7 Sterne), 234 Seiten noch günstig?

Portrait of a Murderer

Krimi von Anne Meredith

Adrian Gray was born in May 1862 and met his death through violence, at the hands of one of his own children, at Christmas, 1931. Thus begins a classic crime novel published in 1933, a riveting portrait of the psychology of a murderer. Each December, Adrian Gray invites his extended family to stay at his lonely house, Kings Poplars. None of Gray’s six surviving children is fond of him; several have cause to wish him dead. The family gathers on Christmas Eve – and by the following morning, their wish has been granted.

Anne Meredith ist eines der vielen Pseudonyme der britischen Autorin Lucy Beatrice Malleson (1899 – 1973). “Powerful and impressive … there is a fine inevitability in the plot structure which gives it true tragic quality.” (Dorothy L. Sayers) (31 Rezensionen / 3,9 Sterne), 249 Seiten noch günstig?

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