eBook-Tipp: German Requiem – Thriller von Philip Kerr

Leider ist am 23. März der britische Autor Philip Kerr verstorben. Er war auch in Deutschland sehr bekannt und hat zweimal den deutschen Krimipreis erhalten.

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German Requiem

Thriller von Philip Kerr

In postwar Vienna, the term ‚peace‘ is relative – the Americans, British and Russians govern the city in an uneasy truce, and the main difference is that now it’s the Soviet secret police making people disappear rather than the Nazis. When Bernie is asked by a high-ranking Soviet official to clear an old Kripo colleague’s name of the murder of an American officer, he quickly realises he’s in over his head. Bernie’s ex-colleague Becker was working for a secret society of Nazi hunters, tracking down and executing war criminals who faked their own deaths to escape the noose at Nuremberg.

Band 3 der Bernie Gunther Serie. “It’s in Vienna and the story for the most part takes place there. In many ways, this part of the story has all the hallmarks of a classic hardboiled mystery from the explosive violence, the coarseness, the women in the nightclubs, and the late night rendezvouses. But, it’s the historical background that elevates this story to something more than just another murder mystery.” (Leser) (89 Rezensionen / 4,3 Sterne), 324 Seiten noch günstig?

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