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Zwei Frauen zwischen Israel und Palästina. Die Vorfahren aus Korsika. Gestorben und wieder erwacht. Eine Leiche am Eichenbaum. Ein Detektiv im Mordverdacht. Zurück nach Brooklyn.  – Gute englische eBook-Bestseller kostenlos oder sehr, sehr preiswert. Diese eBooks sind oft nur kurze Zeit kostenlos!

When The Devil Calls

Thriller von Mark Yarwood

DCI Jairus returns for his darkest outing yet as he finds himself pursuing a deranged serial killer with a taste for strangling his female victims and dressing in their clothes. But when Scotland Yard start digging into Jairus’ last case and threaten to find him guilty of murder, the DCI needs help. He finds a friend and alibi in feisty forensic expert Cathy Durbridge, however it soon becomes clear that she’s just as volatile and explosive as Jairus himself, and with his murderous past catching up with him, and Cathy becoming a liability, Jairus is desperate for a way out.

Mark Yarwood schreibt Thriller in England, bei denen der Hauptheld oder Detektiv von Band zu Band wechselt. „In my opinion – this book is more ‚black‘ than usual, but still a excellent read, that takes more twists than a country road…“ (Leser) (11 Rezensionen / 5,0 Sterne) 414 Seiten – noch gratis?
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The Amount Of Evil Thriller von Mark Yarwood
(12 Rezensionen / 4,3 Sterne) 461 Seiten – noch gratis?

Derzeit nur: € 1,13

The Meal of Fortune

Witziger Thriller von Philip Brady

Failing celebrity agent Dermot Jack thinks his luck might have turned when a mysterious Russian oligarch hires him to represent his pop star daughter. Disaffected MI5 officer Anna Preston is just as happy to be handed the chance to resurrect her own career. Little do they know that their paths are about to cross again after seventeen years as they’re thrown together in a desperate attempt to lure a notorious arms dealer into a highly unusual trap. Hard enough without having to deal with the lecherous celebrity chef trying to save his daytime TV career or the diminutive mafia enforcer who definitely has his own agenda.

Philip Brady ist ein Engländer, der schon drei Romane verfasst hat, aber das ist der erste, der veröffentlicht worden ist. „It’s not easy to write a humorous thriller; either the funny part or the scary part doesn’t work, or both parts work but they get in each other’s way. To begin with, Brady gets both parts right separately.“ (Leserin) (35 Rezensionen / 4,6 Sterne), 383 Seiten noch günstig?


Thriller von T. R. Pearson

Deputy Ray Tatum returns in a story of Blue Ridge crime and carnage, kicked off by the discovery of a body high in the limbs of a black oak tree. Wry, laconic, and more than a little world-weary, Tatum pursues a savage killer through the rural Virginia uplands with the hot-headed assistance of Special Agent Kate LeComte.

T. R. Pearson, geb. 1956 ist ein seit langem erfolgreicher amerikanischer Autor von Sachbüchern und Romanen. “The telling of the story was the best part for me. Loved the humor, the characters, the crazy chase in the wake of the villains. Great writing, very enjoyable read.” (Rezensent) (33 Rezensionen / 4,5 Sterne), 294 Seiten – noch gratis?

Nine Lives of Adam Blake Fantasy von Ryan Gladney
Adam Blake weiß, welches Schicksal ihn nach dem Tod erwartet. Er ist schon zuvor gestorben und wird wieder sterben und es ist jedes Mal das Gleiche. Für Adam gibt es keinen Himmel, keine Hölle, keine Wiedergeburt oder kalten, endgültigen Schlaf. „So what makes this so refreshing? The immortality question hooked me in from the beginning and the mystery of why Adam is caught in the loop of reliving his life from age 12 kept me reading. It’s like Groundhog Day but on a grander scale and a much more philosophical bent.“ (Leserin) (70 Rezensionen / 4,2 Sterne), 218 Seiten – noch gratis?

The House at Zaronza Literarischer Roman von Vanessa Couchman
Die Vergangenheit entdeckt. Rachel Swift reist nach Korsika, um mehr über ihre Vorfahren zu entdecken. Sie findet eine Serie von leidenschaftlichen Liebesbriefen und stürzt sich in ihre Geschichte. “I was entranced by Vanessa Couchman’s tale of the discoveries that Rachel Swift makes when she travels to Corsica to discover more about her forebears. We are swept first into the rich setting of Corsica today, and then into the past arising from some love letters that lead to a tale told against the end of the 19th century and through the horrors of the First World War.” (Leser) (64 Rezensionen / 4,4 Sterne), 276 Seiten – noch gratis?

Derzeit nur: € 1,99

Shimura Trouble

Krimi von Sujata Massey

During a family reunion on the island of Oahu, Japanese-American spy/antiques dealer Rei Shimura is roped into helping the Hawaiian branch of her family regain land stolen from them during World War II. But when fire sweeps the island and her young cousin is accused of arson, Rei, with the assistance of both her boyfriend Michael and her ex-lover Hugh, must discover the truth that is linked to the Shimura family history.

Massey, geb. Banerjee (* 4. März 1964 Sussex, England) ist eine amerikanische Krimiautorin. Im Alter von fünf Jahren emigrierte sie mit ihren Eltern – ihr Vater stammt aus Indien, ihre Mutter aus Deutschland − aus England. Von 1991 bis 1993 lebte sie in Japan. „I feel like I learned a lot about Hawaii and Japanese culture reading this book. The main character, Rei, is wonderful: she’s intelligent, strong, extremely likeable and carries the story beautifully.“ (Leser) (50 Rezensionen / 4,0 Sterne), 242 Seiten noch günstig?

Goddess of Battle

Literarischer Roman von Gwendolyn Rachel Ackerman

Two young women, living on opposite sides of the Israeli- Palestinian conflict, fall victim to its horrific violence. Instead of succumbing to hate and despair, Tyra and Noureen reach across the divide to form a friendship that becomes a beacon of hope and inspires others to bridge decades of loathing. Together they take the first steps toward the creation of a new narrative for a better future.

Gwendolyn Rachel Ackerman hat als Journalistin den Konflikt zwischen Israel und Palästina lange Zeit verfolgt und die Erfahrungen in einen berührenden Roman umgesetzt. „The author clearly writes with knowledge of the region and explores attitudes on all sides with fairness and lucidity. A real eye opener, especially worth reading for any one keen on developing a deeper understanding of the conflict.“ (Leser) (13 Rezensionen / 4,9 Sterne), 265 Seiten – noch gratis?

Brooklyn in the Mean Time Autobiografischer Thriller von Robert Chazz Chute
Robert Chazz Chute ist ein ehemaliger Journalist, der heute erfolgreiche und ungewöhnliche Bücher in den Genres Thriller, SciFi und Horror schreibt. Und sich mit diesem spannenden Buch weit in seine eigene Vergangenheit bewegt. Wobei für die Leser nicht so ganz klar ist, was wirklich biografisch ist und was einfach nur spannende Literatur. „And he’s also on the run from his drug boss back in Chicago. But, is this a confession? These biographical details add up, but no, it couldn’t be! My brain hurts, but this story will keep you wondering, not to mention reading, right up until the tricky ending. Or beginning? 🙂 Lots of fun.“ (Leser) (10 Rezensionen / 4,5 Sterne), 262 Seiten – noch gratis?

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