eBook-Tipp: A Conspiracy Of Violence – Historischer Krimi von Susanna Gregory

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A Conspiracy Of Violence

Historischer Krimi von Susanna Gregory

The dour days of Cromwell are over. Charles II is well established at White Hall Palace, his mistress at hand in rooms over the Holbein bridge, the heads of some of the regicides on public display. London seethes with new energy, freed from the strictures of the Protectorate, but many of its inhabitants have lost their livelihoods. One is Thomas Chaloner, a reluctant spy for the feared Secretary of State, John Thurloe, and now returned from Holland in desperate need of employment. His erstwhile boss, knowing he has many enemies at court, recommends Thomas to Lord Clarendon, but in return demands that Thomas keep him informed of any plot against him.

Susanna Gregory, eigentlich Elizabeth Cruwys, ist seit vielen Jahren eine sehr beliebte englische Autorin historischer Krimis. “A conspiracy of Violence weaves its way through the streets of Restoration London many of them I walk today and gives us a flavour of the intrigue and lives of that time – a good read.” (Leser) (64 Rezensionen / 4,1 Sterne), 512 Seiten noch günstig?

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