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Martin Cruz Smith (* 3. November 1942 in Reading, Pennsylvania; eigentlich William Martin Smith) ist ein US-amerikanischer Schriftsteller. Berühmt machte ihn die Reihe um den Moskauer Ermittler Arkadi Renko. Daneben hat er aber auch weitere spannende Bücher veröffentlicht.

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Gypsy in Amber

Thriller von Martin Cruz Smith

When a girl’s body, neatly sliced into six individual pieces, is discovered at the scene of an automobile accident, the driver is posthumously accused of her murder. Roman Grey, an expert in gypsy antiques and former friend to the driver, is drawn in to investigate. While desperate to avoid the sorcery and dark magic he knows would be invoked in an all-out confrontation between the police and New York’s gypsy community, he is nonetheless determined to unearth the truth about the murder – no matter the cost…

Band 1 von Roman Grey “I enjoyed this murder mystery it was easily read and gave a bit of information about gypsies and their folklore.” (Leser) (9 Rezensionen / 3,5 Sterne), 224 Seiten noch günstig?

Canto for a Gypsy

Thriller von Martin Cruz Smith

The priceless Royal Crown of Hungary was on display in St Patrick’s Cathedral in New York. Guarded by many, including the NYPD and the gypsy, Roman Grey – a heist was impossible. But it happened, and murder, mayhem and all hell broke loose…

Band 2 von Roman Grey “it is a pity that the author only wrote 2 books in the series as this book is incredibly well written and researched.” (Leser) (8 Rezensionen / 3,3 Sterne), 240 Seiten noch günstig?


Thriller von Martin Cruz Smith

When an unhappy, aging shaman invokes the Hopi god of death in an effort to bring the world to an end, those around him are sceptical. Then they discover his body, mutilated and bloody, and other similarly disfigured bodies begin to appear. Horses, sheep, cattle – no living thing is safe. But the cause of these horrifying deaths remains unclear… Enter a young Duran, called back to the reservation to investigate. Duran immediately recognises the significance of the shaman’s spell and, with the help of two scientists, he works to combat the supernatural scourge – before there’s nothing left to save.

Thriller außerhalb von Serien. “Genuinely horrifying.” (THE WASHINGTON POST BOOK WORLD) (32 Rezensionen / 3,9 Sterne), 301 Seiten noch günstig?

Stallion Gate

Thriller von Martin Cruz Smith

In a New Mexico blizzard, four men cross a barbed-wire fence at Stallion Gate to select a test site for the first atomic weapon. They are Oppenheimer the physicist, Groves the general, Fuchs the spy. The fourth man is Sergeant Joe Pena, a hero, informer, fighter and musician. These four men – and a cast of soldiers, roughnecks and scientists – will change history forever.

Thriller außerhalb von Serien. Good story taken from one of history’s most secret governments project. STALLION GATE starts out at a fair pace and picks up to a fast pace at the end.” (Leer) (73 Rezensionen / 4,2 Sterne), 352 Seiten noch günstig?


Thriller von Martin Cruz Smith

For Jonathon Blair, a mining engineer and explorer, the color and rigors of the Dark Continent are far more suitable than the foggy drizzle of his home in Wigan, Lancashire. When he returns from Africa’s Gold Coast in 1872, he finds England utterly depressing and turns to drink to ease his melancholy. His patron, a Bishop and mine owner, agrees to send him back if he can clear up the mysterious disappearance of a local curate engaged to marry his daughter.

Thriller außerhalb von Serien “The most fascinating and ambitious thriller of the year.” (San Francisco Chronicle) (201 Rezensionen / 4,5 Sterne), 496 Seiten noch günstig?

Tokyo Station

Thriller von Martin Cruz Smith

1922, Tokyo. Harry Niles is a ‚wild child‘, an American boy in a strange country, ignored by his missionary parents, he begins to lead his life in the Tokyo underworld. One night, he is charged with delivering a painting to an enigmatic figure, the samurai Ishigami. It is an encounter that will haunt Harry Niles forever…
1937, Nanking. China is under attack. The Japanese army is brutally and systematically murdering and raping the local population. In the midst of this horror, Harry finds himself face to face once again with Lieutenant Ishigami.

Thriller außerhalb von Serien “Cruz Smith paints a novel like a Kabuki play, picaresque scenes from pre-war Tokyo on the verge of a great historical, hysterical gamble, the overthrow of the British and American Asian empires, played against a backdrop of tatty nightclubs, geishas, maniacal warlords with swinging swords whose only desire is to achieve another head chop with a perfect slice. ” (Leser) (96 Rezensionen / 4,2 Sterne), 455 Seiten noch günstig?

The Girl From Venice

Thriller von Martin Cruz Smith

Venice, 1945. The war may be waning, but the city known as La Serenissima is still occupied and the people of Italy fear the power of the Third Reich. One night, under a canopy of stars, a fisherman named Cenzo finds a young woman’s body floating in the lagoon and soon discovers that she is still alive and in trouble. Born to a wealthy Jewish family, Giulia is on the run from the Wehrmacht SS.

Thriller außerhalb von Serien “Smith not only constructs grittily realistic plots, he also has a gift for characterisation of which most thriller writers can only dream.” (Mail on Sunday) (358 Rezensionen / 3,7 Sterne), 320 Seiten noch günstig?

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