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Verloren in einer alternativen Welt. Zwei Menschen mit gequältem Leben. Zwillingsbrüder in entlegenen Bergen. Eine unwillkommene Detektivin. Islamischer Krieg in England. Die Bedrohungen der Drohnen. – Gute englische eBook-Bestseller kostenlos oder sehr, sehr preiswert. Diese eBooks sind oft nur kurze Zeit kostenlos! Bitte beachten Sie unsere FAQ zu den hier präsentierten kostenlosen eBooks.

Murder Without Reason

Thriller von Phillip Strang

DCI Isaac Cook, now a Senior Member of London’s Counter Terrorism Command at Scotland Yard, faces his Greatest Challenge. The Islamic State is waging war in England, and they are winning. Not only does Isaac Cook have to contend with finding the perpetrators, but he is being forced to commit to actions contrary to his mandate as a police officer. And then, there is Anne Argento, the Prime Minister’s Deputy. The man has proven himself to be a pacifist and is not up to the task.

Phillip Strang stammt aus England. Er hat weltweit gearbeitet und lebt jetzt schon lange in Australien, wo er Krimis und Thriller schreibt. “This is a well written, intelligent story that flows smoothly to it’s bloody conclusion. This story is current, topical and utterly frightening, because what Strang has written could be a precursor of what could possibly be America’s and the rest of the world’s greatest problem in the near future.” (Leser) (46 Rezensionen / 4,1 Sterne), 341 Seiten – noch gratis?

Michael Jecks (* 1960 in Surrey) ist ein britischer Autor historischer Kriminalromane.

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Fields of Glory

Historischer Thriller von Michael Jecks

The year is 1346 and King Edward III is restless. Despite earlier victories his army has still not achieved a major breakthrough and the French crown remains intact. Determined to bring France under English rule and the French army to its knees he has regrouped and planned a new route of attack. And on the beaches of Normandy his men now mass, ready to march through France to victory. But the French are nowhere to be seen.

Band 1 der Trilogie. “The fear, hatred, ignorance, injustices and dangers as well as the joys and the comradeship of the men are made real by Michael.” (Leserin) (82 Rezensionen / 4,3 Sterne), 481 Seiten noch günstig?

Blood on the Sand

Historischer Thriller von Michael Jecks

Calais, 1346. Berenger Fripper and his men are stationed in the ancient port city, a city under English control and surrounded by enemies. They are here to defend their newly won territory from the French and their allies the Genoese. Enemies are all about them, but there is also trouble within.

Band 2 der Trilogie. “Michael keeps producing excellent reads. Here he continues to show us the travails of war while giving us perspectives that include those of the „collateral damage“ of civilians, those of the labors of the archers of the vintaine, of their officers, of their knights and noblemen, and even the king’s.” (Leser) (25 Rezensionen / 4,3 Sterne), 448 Seiten noch günstig?

Blood of the Innocents

Historischer Thriller von Michael Jecks

France, 1356: Ten years have passed since the battle of Crecy, and the English fighters are still abroad, laying siege to cities, towns and even small villages. Meanwhile the Prince of Wales raids across France to draw King John into a battle for sovereignty. Berenger Fripper, having lost everything to the plague, is now captain of a company of mercenaries, but treachery and deceit dog him when his travels with the company lead him to Uzerche.

Band 3 der Trilogie. “Michael keeps producing excellent reads. Here he continues to show us the travails of war while giving us perspectives that include those of the „collateral damage“ of civilians, those of the labors of the archers of the vintaine, of their officers, of their knights and noblemen, and even the king’s.” (Leser) (19 Rezensionen / 4,7 Sterne), 576 Seiten noch günstig?

The Forgotten

Krimi von J.V. Baptie

Edinburgh, 1977. Newly-promoted but not welcome in CID, Detective Sergeant Helen Carter is tasked with investigating a murder in an old abandoned picture house. The killer has left a clue: the business card of an ex-cop. Helen must piece together the case before the bodies mount up around her, and before the killer strikes closer to home…

J.V. Baptie ist eine englische Schauspielerin und Autorin von Krimis. “Set in 1970’s Edinburgh, and focusing on DS Helen Carter, the story moves at a cracking paces and the writing is polished, with plenty of unexpected twists.” (Leser) (19 Rezensionen / 4,6 Sterne), 247 Seiten – noch gratis?

The Lost Valley Historischer Roman von Jennifer Scoullar
Hobart 1929 – Die zehnjährigen Zwillinge Tom und Harry Abbott sind durch eine Tragödie verwaist, die die Hobart-Gesellschaft erschüttert. Sie finden Zuflucht bei ihrer einsamen Großmutter, und sie wachsen in den abgelegenen und zerklüfteten Binburra-Bergen auf – ein Ort, an dem der gutherzige Tom die Liebe zur Wildnis entdeckt und Harry eine wachsende Verbitterung gegenüber seinem Bruder hegt und an dem die Berge Geheimnisse enthalten, die ihr beider Leben verändern werden. “This is an amazing work of historical fiction which I simply couldn’t put down. If you enjoy early 20th century settings, family relationships, conflict and resolution, nature and romance- this book is for you!” (Leserin) (112 Rezensionen / 4,5 Sterne), 619 Seiten – noch gratis?

On the Edge of the Loch Literarischer Roman von Joseph Éamon Cummins
Wie kann man ein Leben zurückfordern, das hätte sein können? Oder zwei Leben? Er hat seines „verloren“ auf einer Jollenstraße in Newark, mit siebzehn Jahren, als er wild und aus tiefstem Herzen getrieben war. Sie hat ihres „verloren“ in mutterlosen Privilegien, mit etwas, das immer nagt, auch nachdem sie es im Alter von 21 aufgegeben hat. Ein Jahrzehnt später fühlt sich Tony MacNeills zufällige Begegnung mit einer anmutigen Frau wie eine Droge in seinen Adern an, ein Einblick in das Leben, das ihm gehören könnte. “The story takes you deep inside the hearts and minds of two people wounded by life’s misfortunes. It is a story of love, sacrifice and healing. Through each twist and turn of the plot, a little more of each character’s inner thoughts and motivations are revealed.” (Leserin) (43 Rezensionen / 4,6 Sterne), 406 Seiten – noch gratis?

Michael Jecks (* 1960 in Surrey) ist ein britischer Autor historischer Kriminalromane.

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The Merchant’s Partner

Historischer Krimi von Michael Jecks

When the mutilated body of midwife and healer Agatha Kyteler is discovered in a hedge one frozen wintry morning, it at first appears the lack of clues will render the crime unsolvable — until a frightened local youth inexplicably flees his village and a hue and cry is raised. Sir Baldwin Furnshill, once a Knight Templar, however, has doubts about the boy’s guilt, and enlists friend and bailiff of Lydford Castle, Simon Puttock, in the hunt for a murderer.

Band 2 der Serie. “The plot is excellent. Just when you think you’ve got it sussed, there are new twists and turns. The ending too is unexpected.” (Leser) (36 Rezensionen / 4,7 Sterne), 387 Seiten noch günstig?

A Moorland Hanging

Historischer Krimi von Michael Jecks

Cold-blooded murder has transformed Simon Puttock’s official obligation into something horrid — and he will need the able assistance of his friend, Sir Baldwin Furnshill, to draw a criminal out. A former Knight Templar, Sir Baldwin knows much of duty and servitude — and of evil freely indulged in the name of godliness or greed. Now justice must be served,even if their search exposes extortion, foul corruption,rule by fear…and killers willing — even eager — to shed more blood.

Band 3 der Serie. “The story starts off at a gentle pace and gradually gathers momentum. There is some great story telling by Michael Jecks, with lots of twists and turns in the plot and excellent dialogue between the characters.” (Leser) (29 Rezensionen / 4,7 Sterne), 388 Seiten noch günstig?

Und weitere Angebote aus der Serie.

A Borrowed Hell

Fantasy von L. D. Colter

Lost in a barren alternative world, July Davish has two options: Confront his hellish past or be trapped there forever. Fate has dealt July a lifetime of nothings; no happy childhood, no lasting relationships, and now, no job. His mantra of perseverance has gotten him through it all, but faced with losing his home, he finally sets foot on the same road of self-destruction the rest of his family followed.

L. D. Colter schreibt zeitgenössische und dunkle Fantasy und als L. Deni Colter epische Fantasy. “Wonderful book, intense characters, great pacing and compelling plot, leading to an ending that still rattles around inside my head weeks later.” (Leser) (27 Rezensionen / 4,6 Sterne), 187 Seiten – noch gratis?

Swarm Troopers Sachbuch von David Hambling
David Hambling ist ein britischer Journalist für technologische Themen. Hier geht er detailliert auf die Bedeutung ein, die Drohnen mittlerweile haben – oft auch in Kriegssituationen. „An excellent book on both the history and state of the art of drone technology. Well-researched and enjoyable to read, this book begins by introducing the reader to some of the fascinating precursors to modern day drone technology… bat bombs, Fu-Go balloons etc. and ends with some very detailed discussion about the possibilities presented by drone swarm technology. In the middle are fascinating revelations about who is working on drone technology, where the edges of the technology are, and the politics of drone technology.“ (Leser) (36 Rezensionen / 4,6 Sterne), 323 Seiten – noch gratis?

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