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Julie Summers, geb. 1960, ist eine britische Historikerin und Autorin von Büchern hauptsächlich in und um den 2. Weltkrieg.

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Our Uninvited Guests

Historisches Sachbuch von Julie Summers

Our Uninvited Guests perfectly captures the spirit of upheaval at the beginning of the Second World War when thousands of houses were requisitioned by the government to provide accommodation for the armed forces, secret services and government offices as well as vulnerable children, the sick and the elderly, all of whom needed to be housed safely beyond the reach of Hitler’s Luftwaffe. Julie Summers gives the reader a behind-the-scenes glimpse of life in some of Britain’s greatest country houses that were occupied by people who would otherwise never have set foot in such opulent surroundings.

Als Fremde in bekannten Häusern. „Julie Summers has an amazing instinct for unearthing good stories and telling quotes.” (Mail on Sunday) (16 Rezensionen / 5,0 Sterne), 464 Seiten noch günstig?


Historisches Sachbuch von Julie Summers

The Second World War was the WI’s finest hour. The whole of its previous history – two decades of educating, entertaining and supporting women and campaigning on women’s issues – culminated in the enormous collective responsibility felt by the members to ‚do their bit‘ for Britain. With all the vigour, energy and enthusiasm at their disposal, a third of a million country women set out to make their lives and the lives of those around them more bearable in what they described as ‚a period of insanity‘.

Engagierte Frauen im Zweiten Weltkrieg. „I loved this book. Of course I’d heard of the WI but I was completely unaware of the amazing contribution they made towards food preservation, caring for evacuees, soldiers and all the other valuable and essential work they performed on the home front during WWII.” (Leser) (296 Rezensionen / 3,8 Sterne), 369 Seiten noch günstig?

Stranger in the House

Historisches Sachbuch von Julie Summers

From 1945, more than four million British servicemen were demobbed and sent home after the most destructive war in history. Damaged by fighting, imprisonment or simply separation from their loved ones, these men returned to a Britain that had changed in their absence. In Stranger in the House, Julie Summers tells the women’s story, interviewing over a hundred women who were on the receiving end of demobilisation: the mothers, wives, sisters, who had to deal with an injured, emotionally-damaged relative; those who assumed their fiancés had died only to find them reappearing after they had married another; women who had illegitimate children following a wartime affair as well as those whose steadfast optimism was rewarded with a delightful reunion.

Mal Glück, mal Unglück, als die Männer wieder kommen. 352 Seiten noch günstig?

When the Children Came Home

Historisches Sachbuch von Julie Summers

On 1 September 1939 Operation Pied Piper bgan to place the children of Britain’s industrial cities beyond the reach of the Luftwaffe. 1.5 million children, pregnant women and schoolteachers were evacuated in 3 days. A further 2 million children were evacuated privately; the largest mass evacuation of children in British history. Some children went abroad, others were sent to institutions, but the majority were billeted with foster families. Some were away for weeks or months, others for years.

Berührende Geschichten von Kindern, die für ihre eigene Sicherzeit im Krieg von den Familien getrennt wurden. „I found myself so moved by passages in the book that when I tried to read them out to my wife, I had to keep pausing and take deep breaths.” (Craig Brown, Mail on Sunday) (53 Rezensionen / 4,3 Sterne), 368 Seiten noch günstig?

The Colonel of Tamarkan

Historisches Sachbuch von Julie Summers

Lieutenant Colonel Philip Toosey was the senior officer among the 2,000-odd Allied servicemen incarcerated in Tamarkan prison camp, and as such had to comply with the Japanese orders to help construct their Thailand-Burma railway. With malnutrition, disease and brutality their constant companions, it was a near-impossible task for soldiers who had already endured terrible privations — and one which they knew would be in the service of their enemy.

Philip Toosey war der Großvater der Autorin. „A fantastic true story of one man’s experience as a prisoner of war. A very humbling experience to read of this man and what he achieved in the camp.” (Leserin) (25 Rezensionen / 4,8 Sterne), 432 Seiten noch günstig?

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