eBook-Tipp: Promise of Blood – Fantasy von Brian McClellan

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Promise of Blood

Fantasy von Brian McClellan

Field Marshal Tamas’s coup against his king brings bread to the starving, but it also provokes war in the Nine Nations, internal attacks by royalist fanatics and a greedy scramble for money and power by Tamas’s supposed allies. Stretched to his limit, Tamas relies on his few remaining powder mages to keep the peace. But amid the chaos, a whispered rumour is spreading. A rumour of a broken promise, omens of death and the gods returning to walk the earth. Surely nobody really believes those old legends. Perhaps they should.

Brian McClellan (geb. 1986) ist ein US-amerikanischer Schriftsteller der epischen Fantasy. Er ist am besten für die Powder Mage Trilogie bekannt. „His blend of magic with technology has a fascinating twist. It’s not about how they learn to fit together in the world, or the fall of magic to technology, they’re actually evolving together.“ (Leserin) (614 Rezensionen / 4,4 Sterne), 561 Seiten noch günstig?

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