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Im Dschungel abgestürzt. Geheimnisse in Irland. Mord auf einem Schiff. Ein Paar Detektive. Der ungeklärte Tod eines Mädchens. Abenteuer unterwegs.  – Gute englische eBook-Bestseller kostenlos oder sehr, sehr preiswert. Diese eBooks sind oft nur kurze Zeit kostenlos!

Shame ON You

Thriller von John W. Mefford

The disturbing death of a teenage girl goes unexplained. A decade later, ravaged by drug addiction, the sister vanishes. Could the two incidents be connected? Pulled into the investigation by his friend, Ivy Nash, Ozzie quickly learns the art of the addicted: deceit is a way of life. The hunt for Chantel takes Ozzie and Ivy into a dark world where life has no price. A girl is bludgeoned to death — they believe they have a key witness, but he slips away.

John W. Mefford bezeichnet sich selber als Beobachter von menschlichem und sozialem Verhalten – was die Leser seiner Thriller anerkennen. „This book weaves several story lines together seamlessly as Ozzie and Ivy get closer to finding out what happened to Chantel (and her sister).“ (Rezensentin) (109 Rezensionen / 4,9 Sterne), 264 Seiten – noch gratis?

Neben ihren überaus beliebten Krimis mit der forensischen Archäologin Ruth Galloway verfasst die Engländerin Elly Griffiths auch eine Serie, die in den Jahren um 1950 spielt.

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Smoke and Mirrors

Krimi von Elly Griffiths

Brighton, 1951. Pantomime season takes a dark turn when two missing children are found dead under the snow, surrounded by sweets – a macabre, real-life Hansel and Gretel. DI Edgar Stephens has plenty of leads to investigate. The missing girl, Annie, used to write plays and perform them with her friends. Does the clue lie in Annie’s unfinished – and rather disturbing – last script? Or might it lie with the eccentric actor types who have assembled for the pantomime?

Band 2 der Serie. „One of the things that I like about Elly Griffiths books is that they are all different. Some authors seem to stick to the same plot every time, but not Elly. This mystery is well plotted, the pantomime clever and the characters are believable.“ (Leserin) (145 Rezensionen / 4,5 Sterne), 352 Seiten noch günstig?

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The Zig Zag Girl

Krimi von Elly Griffiths

Brighton, 1950. When the body of a girl is found, cut into three, Detective Inspector Edgar Stephens is reminded of a magic trick, the Zig Zag Girl. The inventor of the trick, Max Mephisto, is an old friend of Edgar’s. They served together in the war as part of a shadowy unit called the Magic Men. Max is still on the circuit, touring seaside towns in the company of ventriloquists, sword-swallowers and dancing girls. Changing times mean that variety is not what it once was, yet Max is reluctant to leave this world to help Edgar investigate. But when the dead girl turns out to be known to him, Max changes his mind.

Band 1 der Serie. „Clever, immensely likeable…Captivating…The Zig Zag Girl is old-fashioned in the best ways.“ (The Wall Street Journal) (230 Rezensionen / 4,1 Sterne), 338 Seiten noch günstig?

London Carter Boxed Set: Books 4 – 6

Thriller von BJ Bourg

BULLET DROP While Dawn Luke travels to her hometown of Arkansas to tend to her sick mother, London Carter is called upon to investigate the murder of a young teenager whose body is found stuffed under the exit ramp of an overpass. ELEVATION Vice President Courtney Browning is adored by the majority of all Americans and is heiress apparent to the White House, but someone wants her dead. BLOOD RISE In the final book in this series, London Carter has planned the perfect surprise vacation for Dawn Luke. They’re heading to the Smoky Mountains National Park, where he’ll drop down to one knee in front of Abrams Falls and propose to her. However, when a grisly discovery is made in a small community within Magnolia Parish, they’re forced to return home to investigate.

BJ Bourg ist ein amerikanischer Polizeiermittler – und ein Autor fesselnder Kriminalromane. – Band 4 war hier schon einzeln, Band 5 und 6 noch nie. „This series of novels is a captivating set of mysteries that are solved by a seriously accomplished police sniper turned detective.“ (Leser) (50 Rezensionen / 4,9 Sterne) 675 Seiten- noch gratis?

Vegan Baked Alaska Cozy Krimi von P.D. Workman
„Wenigstens wirst du auf einer Alaska-Kreuzfahrt nicht über irgendwelche Körper stolpern.“ Mary Lou hätte sich nicht mehr irren können. Natürlich würde Erin Price, glutenfreie Bäckerin der Extraklasse, auf der Kreuzfahrt, die sie in der Kategorie Backen auf der Herbstmesse gewonnen hatte, über eine Leiche stolpern. Das Problem ist, dass ihr niemand glauben wird. „The writing is fresh and skillful. The plot is tight and multi-layered, and the characters are well drawn and believable.” (Leserin) (13 Rezensionen / 4,5 Sterne), 267 Seiten – noch gratis?

Shearwater Romantische Fantasy von D. S. Murphy
Der Tod folgte mir nach Irland. Zuerst der Unfall meiner Eltern, dann eine Reihe von bösartigen Morden. Als ich anfange, die geheime Vergangenheit meiner Mutter zu enträtseln, werde ich in die Umlaufbahn von Sebastian gezogen, einem mysteriösen Fremden mit unmöglichen Fähigkeiten, und das Flüstern von Ethan, dem arroganten, heißen Einheimischen, spielt mit dunkler Magie. „The unique history involved and the special characteristics of the mermaids/merfolk in the story are intriguing and fun to read about.” (Leserin) (585 Rezensionen / 4,5 Sterne), 436 Seiten – noch gratis?


Paranormaler Abenteuerroman von Jeremy Robinson

Dr. Gregory Zekser is on a mission to visit the furthest reaches of the Amazon, providing medical aid to recently contacted tribes. As a general practitioner and food pantry director, his life in Massachusetts can be chaotic, but serving people is what he does best, and he doesn’t mind sacrificing his personal life to help others, at home or half way around the world. But any hope of returning home to his wife, daughter, and comfortable life are eradicated when the small plane carrying him back to civilization plummets into the unknown depths of the jungle.

Jeremy Robinson, auch Jeremy Bishop, Jeremiah Knight und andere Pseudonymnamen genannt, ist ein Autor von Abenteuer- und Science-Fiction-Romanen. „The story is fantastic – it grabs you right from the first page, drags you along with it and doesn’t let up. The characters are complex and the ending is satisfying, even though I wasn’t sure which way it would go as I got close.“ (Leser) (203 Rezensionen / 4,7 Sterne), 308 Seiten – noch gratis?

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The Raven Tower

Fantasy von Ann Leckie

Listen. A god is speaking. My voice echoes through the stone of your master’s castle. The castle where he finds his uncle on his father’s throne. You want to help him. You cannot. You are the only one who can hear me.
You will change the world.

Ann Leckie ist eine amerikanische Science-Fiction- und Fantasy-Schriftstellerin. “Words that come to mind are: subtle, subversive, experimental, and creative. I love the protagonist. I love the story. I love the way it unfolds. I love the world building. I love the way the book makes you think.” (Leser) (124 Rezensionen / 4,3 Sterne), 432 Seiten noch günstig?

Living on Rocks Autobiografie von James B Rieley
Hast du dich jemals gefragt, wie es wäre, in einem anderen Land zu leben und die Sprache nicht zu sprechen? Was passiert, wenn etwas schief geht und du an einer mysteriösen Krankheit leidest? Noch wichtiger ist, was passiert, wenn man sich mit einem Menschen konfrontiert sieht. Oder mehr noch, wenn man einem Kategorie 5 Zyklon während der Hurrikansaison gegenüber steht? 636 Seiten – noch gratis?

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