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Alan Emlyn Williams ist ein ehemaliger Korrespondent, Schriftsteller und Autor von Thrillern. Er wurde an den Universitäten Stowe, Grenoble und Heidelberg sowie am King’s College in Cambridge ausgebildet und schloss sein Studium 1957 mit einem B.A. in modernen Sprachen. Seine Bücher werden aktuell als eBooks neu veröffentlicht.

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Thriller von Alan Williams

1963. British journalist Neil Ingleby is taking time out from his hectic London lifestyle on the idyllic Greek islands. But when he runs into Dutch sailor Pieter Van Loon and French spy Charles Pol, he finds himself sucked into a world of secrets and intrigue. Pol has a larger than life personality with a physique to match, and his charming manner, along with copious amounts of alcohol, convince Ingleby he should accompany the French spy on a mission in North Africa.

1964 erschienen. „A brilliantly written and exciting novel about violence, love and tragedy … it lifts the author into the top-rank of our young writers. Do read it.” (Sunday Express) (1 Rezension / 5,0 Sterne), 271 Seiten noch günstig?

The Tale of the Lazy Dog

Thriller von Alan Williams

1969, Southeast Asia. Irish journalist Murray Wilde travelled to Southeast Asia for some rest and recuperation. But when he meets the charming and persuasive Frenchman Charles Pol in Cambodia, he agrees to take part in a risky smuggling operation. Taking advantage of the American troops dropping food packages into the areas of Vietnam devastated by the ongoing war, Murray volunteers to take part in an aerial ‘rice-drop’ – using it to plan his own illegal heist.

1970 erschienen. „A brilliant thriller to the last shattering paragraph. A must.” (Sunday Express), 322 Seiten noch günstig?

Gentleman Traitor

Thriller von Alan Williams

Moscow, 1974. After years of exile in Russia, Kim Philby wants out. But he knows too much to be let loose. His old accomplices still operate at the highest levels of the British Establishment, and they will do anything to keep their treachery a secret. Barry Cayle, investigative journalist, knows something suspicious is going on. He travels from London to Moscow to track Philby down in person. But wherever Philby goes, violent deaths follow…

1975 erschienen. „The novel travels from Russia to Finland to Rhodesia where Philby, the double agent, is about to make the incriminating double disclosure … falls somewhere between a fictional diddle and Realpolitikal actuality’.” (Kirkus), 286 Seiten noch günstig?

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