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Cold Malice

Krimi von Quentin Bates

Reykjavík detective Gunnhildur Gísladóttir tries not to believe in ghosts. But when Helgi, one of her team is certain he’s seen a man who had been declared dead more than fifteen years ago, she reluctantly gives him some unofficial leeway to look into it. Has the not-so-dead man returned from the grave to settle old scores, or has he just decided to take a last look around his old haunts? Either way, there are people who have nursed grudges for years, hoping for a reckoning one day. Even the rumour of his being alive and kicking is enough to spark a storm of fury and revenge, with Gunnhildur and Helgi caught up in the middle of it.

Im Jahr 1979 entschied sich Bates nach Island zu gehen um dort ein Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr abzuleisten. In Island lernte er seine jetzige Frau kennen und blieb auch noch einige Jahre nach dem sozialen Jahr in Island. Dort arbeitete er unter anderem als Internetdesigner. Heute lebt er mit seiner Frau und gemeinsamen drei Kindern wieder in England und ist nun seit 15 Jahren als Autor tätig. “There are essentially dual story lines, which have intersections. One involves a familiar face, which Helgi recognizes while returning home from vacation and which piques his curiosity, since the owner of said face, is supposedly long dead. Gunnhildur also has her curiosity aroused, by what is essentially a cold case, but related to the recent suicide of a troubled artist.” (Leser) (58 Rezensionen / 4,3 Sterne), 252 Seiten noch günstig?

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