eBook-Tipp: Deep Storm – SciFi-Thriller von Lincoln Child

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Deep Storm

SciFi-Thriller von Lincoln Child

Former naval doctor Peter Crane is summoned to a remote oil platform in the North Atlantic to diagnose a bizarre medical condition. But when he arrives, Crane learns that the real trouble lies on ‚Deep Storm,‘ a research facility on the ocean floor. Deep Storm has been designed for one purpose: to excavate a site that may hold the key to a mystery steeped in centuries-old myth. Dr Crane makes the descent and learns that routine drilling has uncovered the remains of mankind’s most sophisticated ancient civilization: Atlantis.

Lincoln Child wurde 1957 in Westport, Connecticut geboren. Nach seinem Studium der Englischen Literatur arbeitete er zunächst als Verlagslektor und später für einige Zeit als Programmierer und System-Analytiker. “Excellent story, well told, great characters and credible plot. Loved the science in this fiction and the possibility of discovering something strange – and terrifying – at the bottom of our oceans.” (Leser) (1.383 Rezensionen / 4,4 Sterne), 449 Seiten noch günstig?

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