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The Little Theatre by the Sea

Liebesroman von Rosanna Ley

Faye has just completed her degree in interior design when she finds herself jobless and boyfriend-less. While debating what to do next she receives a surprise phone call from her old college friend Charlotte who now lives in Sardinia and is married to Italian hotelier, Fabio. When Charlotte suggests that Faye relocate for a month to house-sit, Faye wonders if a summer break in sunny Sardinia might be the perfect way to recharge her batteries and think about her future. But then Charlotte tells Faye that there’s something more behind the sudden invitation: her friends Marisa and Alessandro are looking for a designer to renovate a crumbling old theatre they own in the scenic village of Deriu.

Rosanna Ley lebt und arbeitet in England, unter anderem als Schreibtrainerin und als Autorin von Magazinbeiträgen. Sie hat bereits zahlreiche Romane veröffentlicht, die zu Bestsellern wurden. „Such a wealth of fascinating characters set in a glorious village in Sardinia. The twists turns as the plot unfolds keeps the reader on edge right up till the last page.“ (Leserin) (562 Rezensionen / 4,3 Sterne), 389 Seiten noch günstig?

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