Information for english authors

What is english:xtme? English xtme is about good free English ebooks on Amazon Germany –

We daily select fine free books for our german users. We really look at books, read samples and reviews and have a look at author’s websites and blogs. Every book gets a presentation with a short introduction and links to download them. We only select the best, intent on keeping our readers happy.

There are a lot of german readers who prefer to read english books in the original language. Every small-town-bookseller in Germany might tell you that, because he has a shelf with English books.
What he won’t tell is that there are wonderful books out there on Amazon.

English:xtme is a spin-off of which started in January 2012 listing good books free on Amazon Germany. Some months later English books were added and that was a huge success, much applauded by readers and authors.

I daily receive a lot of notifications by authors who want their free books featured at englishbooks.xtme. Since I can only introduce a limited number of books daily and classification and research take a lot of time (especially with new authors), I have to charge a small fee for featuring added books in the daily article and the newsletter.

Here you can submit your book for a review on englishbooks:xtme!